Film Workshop Teaches Movie Making To Adults With Developmental Disabilities

Actor/producer/director Joey Travolta s taking his talents and using them to help others. Through his new project, Inclusion Films Practical Workshops, he aims to teach adults with developmental disabilities the skills that come with acting and producing a film in order to bolster their confidence and self-worth and give them real-life skills they can use in the real world while chasing a career.

"We teach technical skills, life skills, and social skills through the art of filmmaking," said Joey. "This program is a village; it's a family. We're doing something good here."

This vocational program is to provide special needs adults with entry-level working experience that they can take into the film industry or any career they want to follow. Students go beyond the classroom-- they build the sets, edit the footage, act in scenes. They are involved in every aspect of filmmaking and have the opportunity to become more independent, self-confident, and well-rounded individuals.

"Before I did an Inclusion Films project, I didn't really believe in myself," said Elliot Schneider, a student in the program. "I was always told I wouldn't be able to do things by myself. But here, I was actually able to do things and I did them all by myself. It felt great!"

We sat down with Joey Travolta to learn more about his story, uncover how he started his mission, and what Inclusion Films aims to accomplish with all of their employees from pitch to post. We also learn the stories of two students in the program and hear more about the progress they have made while in the program.

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