Why We're Wearing Purple For Aliens Today

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According to Holiday Insights, today is Wear Purple For Peace Day, and we're doing it for aliens. Chances are you're not wearing purple because purple is a difficult color for people indulge--traditionally it was used only by royalty, since the color purple (ha! accidental movie refereeeence!) was hard to find in nature, and therefore more expensive--and you're also probably confused as all hell why we'd wear it for aliens.


Holiday Insights says that after doing "research," they discovered that the holiday encourages people to be mindful of peace in a chaotic and hostile world so that any of our unknown intergalactic brethren will stop and say, "Hey, they're not so awful after all. Not to mention, they look fabulous in all that purple. Let's go visit and show them how to cure cancer and time travel."

Even if aliens have no idea we exist, other sites say the holiday has simply turned into a time to celebrate anti-bullying, the Golden Rule, and pacifism. I guess the aliens part is more of a metaphor for the way our parents taught us to treat others as we would want to be treated, and to think of what we must look like to others when we act out of anger, stupidity and hatred.

Sorry Aliens Guy.


I'm in to it! If you don't already have purple on, grab a purple marker and draw something on the underside of your wrist. That way you can flash it to other people who have also done it and pretend you're part of a secret society of do-gooders. Yaaay.

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