Where Are They Now? World's Friendliest Restaurant

No one understands the positive power of a hug better than Tim Harris. Tim is the owner of Tim's Place, the world's friendliest restaurant. We were able to get to know the friendly, loving man and hear his story (original video below). Tim, who was born with Down syndrome, loves nothing more than giving hugs. What's even better is that his birthday actually falls on National Hug Day. A few years ago, Tim started hosting Hug-A-Thons in an effort to raise money for charity. Tim and his family hold the adorable hug themed event to support Firefighters Random Acts, a nonprofit run by Albuquerque firefighters. Tim’s hugs are always free but he accepts donations for hugs with a goal of giving 2,000 hugs and raising $10,000 for charity.

We recently caught up with the gang at Tim's Place. And it is no surprise they are still doing great things, and hugging away! The restaurant is doing great and still doling out smiles, hugs and great service. Tim is still being his loving self. He has started giving inspiring speeches throughout the year! The biggest news they had for us though was that Tim's Place has founded Tim's Big Heart Foundation and will be holding the largest hug-a-thon ever this January! Make sure you stay tuned and check out their website for more details!

Here is our original video highlighting all the great things Tim and his place are doing.

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