Up Close and Personal: Metallica’s James Hetfield On Seeking Validation

As you may know, Road Recovery is an organization dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities. This is our second video in a mini series with Metallica’s James Hetfield who has teamed up with Road Recovery. James talks to us about seeking validation. How powerful is getting validation from other people? Is it important? James talks about how he has been seeking validation his whole life - whether it be from his family or fans. We seek validation because we want to people please or we want people to like us. James goes on to explain that while validation is powerful, it's the unconditional love from his family that is sometimes the only validation he needs. Do you agree?

If you want more words of wisdom from James and his life experience check out his video on 'Overcoming Fear.' And stay tuned for more videos like these...

For more from Road Recovery check out their channel on the HooplaHa network. You can also visit their website to see what other inspiring work they are doing.

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