A Whole Lot of “New” This School Year

With September right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about going back to school. First graders and seniors alike have a lot to think about in terms of preparation for the new year. The end of the summer can be a time of mixed emotions- some kids are nervous, while others simply dread the end of their vacation. Here's a list of things to get you excited for your next round of classes.

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People: We're Made for Each Other

People were made for one another. No, not necessarily in a romantic way - or let's just say not always! In a romantic way. But we do need each other. Humans are social beings, programmed to seek interaction with others. This central detail ends up being the biggest contributor of making you who you are.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Pooch Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

Ever heard the phrase "dog days of summer"? If the first thing to come to mind is a dog panting in the summer sun, you'd be wrong! The phrase actually originates from ancient times when it was believed that the dog star, Sirius, rose before the sun during the summer months. Regardless of the phrase's true meaning, it's vital to keep your dog cool when summer is in full swing.

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Rescue Dog Gets a New Lease on Life

Meet Addie, a very special pit with a new lease on life!

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6 Random Acts of Kindness By Civil Servants

Police officers and firefighters dedicate their lives to serving their communities. However, some of these civil servants exceed their expectations. Here are six examples of firefighters and police officers going above and beyond that are sure to make you smile.

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Big, Ferocious Animals That Love To Cuddle

Humans and animals live side by side. Unsurprisingly, animals and humans tend to form bonds and act affectionately toward one another. However, some animals are more approachable than others. Most people would not be able to imagine themselves getting cuddly with a bear or caressing a shark. We are more accustomed to seeing these animals running wild, hunting prey and being absolutely ferocious. But when the right person meets the right beast, the results can be adorable. These animal anomalies will have you saying "aww" in no time!

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A Quadruple-Dose of Hugs

A hug is a simple yet powerful gesture. Whether the hugger is raising money for charity, spreading cheer to the elderly, or even giving someone a pick-me-up on a hard day, the result is always the same - they spread happiness to everyone involved. These four stories show us the true value of a kind embrace.

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Adopt-a-Cat Month is Here: Find a New Furry Friend This June

Calling all animal lovers: Friday, June 1st marks the start of Adopt-a-Cat month. As of today, there are over a million cats and kittens in America's shelters. In my opinion, that's a million too many. I've collected three stories to inspire you to visit a shelter and pick up your very own fantastic feline.

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