This Amazing Father-Daughter Reunion Was 34 Years in the Making

"I waited my whole life for that moment," Kerry Saucedo says of the day that she met her father for the first time. Born Kerry Fortuna, the 34-year old only met her biological father last year, after decades of stymied attempts to identify and meet up with him. Up to that point, Kerry says, she "felt 50 percent anonymous."

Kerry's mother and father had only a brief fling, and by the time her mom found out she was pregnant, the two had lost touch and her father had moved away. In the pre-Facebook 1980s and 1990s, tracking someone down was much more difficult, and Kerry only had a name—Mark Saucedo—that she wasn't even sure how to spell correctly.

And then Kerry learned about 23andMe, the DNA test. One of the unique features of the test is that after you take it, you can find out whether any of your biological relatives have also taken it. She leapt at the chance.

After taking the test, Kerry saw a number of matches. But one jumped out at her: "my third match was a woman whose last name seemed Spanish and I knew this had to be my dad's side," she recalls.

It didn't take much longer for Kerry to end up on the phone with her father. She says their connection was immediate.

"He literally took over the father role right way," the young woman says. And when she says literally, she means it: Kerry's father has adopted her! Next, Kerry plans to move to Oregon with her daughters so she can get to know the man she always knew was out there, but never knew as a person—until now.

Story via Inside Edition. To watch more wonderful stories about families, check us out on YouTube... and don't forget to smile!

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