Things We Loved About The Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence told Ryan Seacrest she's hungry without an ounce of reserve


The Dolby stage looked amazing.


Captain Kirk's message from the future.

The Times

Unless you had never seen an episode of Family Guy, you were worried that Seth MacFarlane would cross the line between tasteful to tactless during the show. It's a credit to his strategy to have the vocally entertaining William Shatner drop in on a giant screen and warn MacFarlane that his show was indeed going to offend everyone. Shatner replayed MacFarlane's jokes on the screen to help explain how the show was going to be a disaster. By showcasing those particular jokes in this manner, MacFarlane poked fun at both the actors and at his own "frat-boy" type humor.

Sally Field ran away with Seth MacFarlane.

The Atlantic Wire

We rarely get to see Sally Field in a humorous role. While I wouldn't call her minutes-long skit with MacFarlane a "role" I will say I enjoyed it immensely. From the moment she reacted appalled to MacFarlane dressed as a flying nun suspended from the ceiling, to the moment she sped off with him, tossing the nun cap out of the window--a great last-minute homage to Smokey and the Bandit.

You've got to love a woman in Hollywood who unabashedly proclaims how hungry she is. Not to mention, she looked great.

Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum danced.

Us Magazine

Theron's rhythm and her being paired with Tatum were nice surprises, especially since they danced very well together. Here's the full clip:

Flight was reenacted with sock-puppets.

Atlantic Wire

And to portray the plane flipping over, MacFarlane used a dryer's tumble cycle.


MacFarlane found a way to incorporate a Disney song into his monologue.


Can't go wrong when you welcome people with an ensemble performance of "Be Our Guest."

"Skyfall" won Best Original Song for the fiftieth anniversary of the James Bond films

Coventry Telegraph

Pretty much every musical performance was amazing including Shirley Bassey's performance of "Goldfinger."


Check it out here.

Quvezhané Wallis gave her signature gun show each time the camera went to her.


Get it, Quvenzhané.

Jennifer Lawrence fell down like a boss.



Then she got back up and won best actress. Because she's amazing.

Ben Affleck's acceptance speech was wonderful.

The actor/director/producer/total babe, fought back tears when he recalled his Good Will Hunting Oscar, saying he was really just a kid and had no idea what he was doing. Likely alluding to the Gigli flop, he told the audience, it's not about how you get knocked down, "it's how you get back up." He thanked his wife for helping him keep their marriage healthy, and in the most tear-jerking moments of the night, he choked on his last word when he told his children, Violet, Sarah and Sam, "This is for you."

MacFarlane and Kristn Chenowith closed the show with a duet called "Here's To The Losers."

The Los Angeles Times

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