Things to Try Without Technology

1. Cooking

I just got an amazing cookbook and I intend to use it, despite the possible paper cuts and incessant page turning. Cooking requires love as well as undivided attention. Keeping the chicken from burning and the house from going up in flames will keep you busy enough to turn off the phone.

2. Wondering

This one sounds weird because it is. It is completely weird to wonder about anything with a smartphone. We shouldn't take for granted that we have access to more knowledge than in any other time in history. We should give ourselves time to think about the question before knowing the answer.

3. Talking

Kids think less of texting in the middle of a conversation. As we get older we learn that it's really rude. Turn your phone off when you're out to coffee with friends. Don't take their time and attention for granted. Otherwise they'll grow up without you.

4. Dating

Even I'm terrified. The other end of an instant message convo is a broad wall from which to ask someone out on a date. It's an even bigger wall when you carry on a relationship online. Save some stories and compliments so that you and your mate look forward to seeing each other in person.

5. Writing

Good handwriting is one of those things like books and records that are fading from popular culture. But like vinyl and a good book cover, handwriting will always has its charm. Even if it's bad, there's something about a handwritten note that makes you want to frame it. Side note: the picture I found for this is proof that serendipity is real. It came from here.




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