The Perfect Cookie Recipe For Chilly Fall Days At Home

We love the fall! Happy October, everyone. It's also Homemade Cookie Day! We have the perfect recipe for you... straight from our friend Felicia's unwritten recipes.

Those chilly fall days are perfect for baking! Felicia Levinson, star of our original series, Unwritten Recipes, has her families favorite cookie recipe. These cookies have the perfect crunch! They are not only delicious but come with a heartfelt family story.

Check out Felica’s blog Unwritten Recipes for written instructions of Felicia’s Crunchy Jumble Cookies, as well as countless other tasty recipes. You can also stay connected to Felicia by following her on Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest.

This video was shot and edited by John Houghton. Want more HooplaHa Originals that are sure to satisfy any busy mom? Check Out the Just For Mom You Tube channel part of the HooplaHa network…and don’t forget to smile!

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