The First "Kid Governor" of Oregon Has Big Plans for Ending Bullying in His State

"Hello, I'm Dominic Christian Peters, I'm from Willamette Valley Christian School and I'm Oregon's Kid Governor in 2018. I will take questions now.

With these words, the first press conference hosted by a Kid Governor in the state of Oregon began. Dom Peters answered questions about his goals ("I want to stop bullying"), his 3-point plan for accomplishing the objective, and his rationale for prioritizing this issue ("because being bullied does not feel good").

Dom Peters, who is 11 years old and in fifth grade, will serve a 1-year "term" as the Kid Governor of his state. After submitting a video to the Kid Governor contest, and completing several civics lessons, Dom was actually elected by fifth graders across Oregon from a field of 8 finalists.

And while Dom doesn't have any real legislative power, his inauguration offered a preview as to what the role of Kid Governor could be. Oregon's Secretary of State, Senate President, and a former Justice of the state's Supreme Court each spoke about their respective branches of government; Secretary of State Dennis Richardson sees the Kid Governor role as an educational one. It's "participatory democracy in action," Richardson said.

As for Kid Governor Dom Peters, he is focused on his priority issue. "I really hope I can make a difference in Oregon to stop bullying," he said. And the first step he plans to take? To remind classmates to work together and be kind to each other.

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