The 6 Most Romantic Places On Earth

Romance makes our pupils dilate and our hearts race with desire. It overwhelms us and makes us as giddy as school children. Whether a relationship is fresh, entering a new stage, has been chugging along for years or has yet to be stumbled upon, certain destinations have the enigma, beauty and flair to ignite or heighten romance.

1) Aspen.


A key ingredient to a romantic hot spot is breathtaking natural beauty, which Aspen Colorado has plenty of. With this pleasant and remote resort town’s dramatic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, I challenge you to find an ugly sight in this southwestern haven. There’s nothing quite like ambling through lushly dense forests and picnicking lakeside to make you and your love feel thousands of miles away from the growing knot of your daily responsibilities. With its thriving nightlife, booming restaurant scene and crisp mountain air, Aspen will make you want to stay forever.

2) Barcelona


The Catalonian city of Barcelona is a gem for honeymooners and couples looking for romance; Spain’s second-largest city has the laidback persona of a beach town, an art scene comparable to those found in bigger cities, and an exotic vibrancy typical of tropical locales. Moseying through the Gothic Quarter, which is free of motorized vehicles, makes for a lovely experience that is both relaxing and illuminating. Picasso and Salvador Dali paintings are abundant and the cuisine is both cutting-edge and classic Mediterranean. Warm throughout all seasons, this city is ideal for those who desire a balance between sunny relaxation and enriching history.

3) Rio de Janeiro  

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What’s romance without laughs, dancing and frivolity? Celebrate love in Rio de Janeiro, the greatest party on Earth. This sundrenched Brazilian metropolis is the meeting place of colorful urban vivacity and a natural playground of blue waters and green peaks. Spend the morning strolling by thought-provoking contemporary art, the afternoon swimming together underneath one of the city’s waterfalls, and dance away the evening at a samba party. No romantic trip to Rio would be complete without a ride to the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountains to share a smooch among the clouds. In a sprawling city that is enriched with diversity, visitors to Rio will never grow bored of the snazzy fashion, flavorsome foods, gorgeous cathedrals or a love of football (soccer) that is fervently shared by millions.

4) Bruges

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Whatever problems you might have will surely melt away when you and your lovey mosey about Bruges, Belgium. The city’s canals are perfect for a scenic boat ride through this UNESCO World Heritage Site that evokes the medieval grandeur of centuries past. Paved with cobblestone streets, this small city is perfect for romantic strolls. And while the hidden nooks and crannies will reveal bustling markets, local craftsmen and dreamy gardens, you can also explore from the sky  via hot air balloon ride. As if that weren’t romantic enough, once you land, there are plenty of artisan shops selling gourmet chocolate. Needless to say, any romantic trip to Bruges is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

5)   Maldives

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In a continent of imposing giants, the breathtaking archipelago of Maldives is Asia’s smallest country. Surrounded by the brilliantly blue waves of the Indian Ocean, this sunny paradise offers unparalleled diving and surfing opportunities. The land offers spectacular coastal views for those couples that might want to canoodle in the sand as the sun peaks over the sparkling waters. Maldives’ overnight accommodations are designed to fulfill lavish fantasies with its abundance of resorts and bungalows that hover above gently lapping waves. With its freshly caught seafood, soothing massages, wondrous scenery and superior lap of luxury, any romantic vacation in The Maldives will seem straight out of a daydream.

6)  Paris  


Surely, you're not be surprised to see Paris on this list; for centuries, it has inspired couples and artists alike with its sweeping ethos of dreamlike scenery, and its coveted cuisine..With iconic sites around every bend, couples can easily find the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Catacombs, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre (the largest art museum in the world) and, of course, the magnificent Palace of Versailles. For a moment of simple and intimate romance, pack a picnic and lounge along the picturesque River Seine. Be sure to enjoy an afternoon or evening of people watching in one of the city’s most beautiful spots, like the Luxembourg Gardens. Taking photographs throughout The City of Light is an absolute must.

Love is the stuff that inspires songs, literature, and our own daydreams. Tell us in the comment section below what romantic travel destination makes your heart sing.

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