A Must-Watch for Animal Lovers: Our Hilarious Series, "Life On The Farm"

There are a lot of special things about Millstone Farm in Wilton, Connecticut. First, it's self-sustaining: the farm balances the number of animals living there with the amount of nitrogen the land needs and can use. Second, the farm doesn't have a tractor! Because the animals are free to move about and not in confinement, their grazing habits keep the grounds neat and they themselves spread the manure that fertilizes the pasture.

But the special thing about Millstone Farm that we want to talk about today is that it is the setting for Life On The Farm, a HooplaHa Original series narrated by the farm's quirky collection of animals. Each episode of Life On The Farm delivers education about sustainable agriculture, a taste of daily farm life, and plenty of belly laughs.

Meet Ravi the llama and Pesto the pig, silly turkeys and laid-back ponies, and the rest of the animal community at Millstone Farm, as they tell you about their role in keeping their home a productive and happy place.

You can catch new episodes of Life On The Farm Tune only on HooplaHa.com!

To stay connected with Millstone Farm, check them out on Facebook. And if you'd like to read more more about sustainable agriculture, click here.

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