Student’s High Five Inspires a Movement

Despite his cerebral palsy, Jeremy Grace has a pretty positive outlook on life. He typically goes through his day at the London Central Secondary School in Ontario with a smile and keeps a sharp eye out for classmates who may be struggling and could use a lift. One day recently, when a good friend was having a bad day, Jeremy attempted to turn her day around, and gave her a high five. From this spark, the "Up High Movement" was born.

At the urging of another student, Jeremy agreed to give fives all around for the rest of the day. Seeing how high fives changed moods, Jeremy kept the high fives going and started to give them all day long, every day, averaging 300 per day!

"People asked me why I was doing this and originally I didn't know," Jeremy explained. "Then as people kept telling me it made them feel happy, why I was doing it became clear. Me giving them a high five made them smile and feel happy even for a millisecond and that's all I wanted. Everybody deserves to feel happy for at least one second of the day."

Watch and hear how Jeremy's high fives changed the mood of students and caught the faculty's attention. Seeing how Jeremy stays positive as he deals with his condition, his classmates are learning how to keep their own life situations in perspective and work toward resolving them.

As this movement gains traction, Jeremy hopes it will raise awareness of how students are affected by bullying and mental health issues, and lead to a better understanding and solutions for these everyday challenges.

As he begins his college career, there is no stopping the "Up High Movement" and Jeremy continues to be out front at his new campus, leading with his hand held high!

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