"Smart" Yoga Mat Is Designed Specifically For Special Needs Kids

Did you September is National Yoga Month? Yoga has become increasingly popular because of it's physical and mental health benefits. I am a huge yoga lover and supporter! So is Elizabeth...

Elizabeth is the owner and founder of Stretch What Matters, an organization which instructs yoga to children with special needs. She practiced yoga on her own, but never thought to bring into her classroom. Her daughter Grace also has special needs, which is what gave her the idea to start Stretch What Matters. By using yoga as a vehicle to teach social thinking as well as personal boundaries, Elizabeth designed her own Stretch What Matters yoga mat with outlines and colors for hand and foot placement. Her ultimate goal is to reach more people: “My biggest message is that children with special needs are exactly what they are supposed to be, they are perfect the way they are. Yoga comes in and if we trust that they are who they are, we can expand as people."

Ok, I just fell in love with the exercise a little more!

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