Sisters' Origami Art Raises Over $650,000 For Wells Across The World

The idea of origami is to create different shapes and objects out of paper. These sisters decided to do something else with this fun idea.

At the age of five, Katherine Adams started folding origami with her father after they dropped off her older sister at school. She loved the art and enjoyed the time she spent with her father. When Katherine learned that people go thirsty every day and many girls are unable to attend school due to carrying water to their hometown, she decided to use her amazing skills to help.

Her plan was to try to raise money to build a well in Ethiopia by hosting an origami sale at a local Starbucks in Dallas, Texas. Her father, mother and 8-year-old sister, Isabella, decided to partake in this wonderful event along with other volunteers. The girls set a $500 goal for their origami ornaments back in the Autumn of 2011. The ornaments sold out by the end of their first day at Starbucks. Eight weeks later they raised over $10,000 to buy a new well that benefitted the entire village.

Four years later, the sisters, co-presidents of Paper for Water, with hundreds of volunteers has helped raise over $650,000. Thanks to their amazing achievement, the girls have been keynote speakers and received an award from the nonprofit, Living Water International. Also, they had a chance to visit two of the wells that were created thanks to Paper for Water. The family plans to have a world tour in 2017 so they could meet all of the families they helped with the organization. Hopefully, their organizations continues to grow... one origami at a time.

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