She Paid For His Groceries, So He Paid It Forward $10,000!

It was a normal day in the supermarket for 39-year-old Tracy Warshal of Smyrna, Georgia when she was shopping before Christmas. But when the man in front of her couldn’t find his wallet and had only a few items, she decided to pay his $7 bill. Afterwards, the man thanked her and asked for her first name. After she gave it to him and wished him a “Merry Christmas!,” Warshal was happy and her good deed was finished. Little did she know that by knowing her first name and catching a glimpse of her employer’s name on her t-shirt that the man would search for her. A few weeks later, two representatives from the Piedmont Foundation visited Warshal’s job at the Piedmont Cancer Institute to inform her that the thankful man wanted to make a $10,000 donation in her name.

The donor wishes to remain anonymous, but Warshal still wishes she could give him a hug and thank him. Piedmont Healthcare Public Relations Manager Amanda Bartlett told ABC News that the money will go towards the Dana G. Smith Cancer Assistance Endowment. As for Warshal, she hopes her gesture will inspire others.

“If you’re able to do a small little gesture for somebody, just do it,” she told ABC News. “It can make a world of a difference.” And what a difference Warshal has made! What an incredible woman with an even bigger heart!


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