Shakira's Baby Shower Will Save Thousands Of Lives

Shakira not only wows us with her talent but with her good heart as well. The UNICEF goodwill ambassador is on her way to saving thousands of babies' lives... again. Shakira is expecting her second baby and will hold a “World Baby Shower” through UNICEF. A World Baby Shower works by instead of getting gifts the singer asks for her fans, family and friends to buy measles vaccines or fresh water for children around the world. The singer help the same kind of shower for her first baby in 2013. She raised enough money to provide polio vaccines to 80,000 children, four tons of food for malnourished children, and about 1,000 anti-malaria bed nets.  She loves helping and she asks that other expecting parents will do the same. “With the explosion of social media, celebrities aren't the only ones who have platforms that can reach mass audiences, and we want this movement to keep going long after our baby shower has ended, so we want to invite them to host their own baby showers with UNICEF as well,” the Colombian-born singer said. With over 100 million followers on Facebook alone, it is expected that Shakira will be even more successful with her second baby shower and help more babies and families.

To buy Shakira a shower gift or set up your own campaign click here.

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