Sea Lion Suddenly Changes Man's Life At Sea

YouTube user, J.R. Gilkinson, never expected that a pleasant boatride with his family would be interrupted by a baby sea lion. After circling the boat for a few seconds, the little guy climbed aboard and gradually came closer to Gilkinson in an oddly trusting manner.

It might be the cutest damn thing I've ever seen. Like a dog, the sea lion sniffs out the boat as he makes his way to Gilkinson's lap where he nuzzles the crap out of his knee. Gilkinson said in the comment section of the video that the sea lion stayed there with him for an hour and a half, before he told him he had to go. By then, there was another sea lion in the water.

Reminds me of the time I got separated from my mom in a grocery store and hung out with a strange family until the intercom called me to the front. I was 22 but I got a balloon and a lollipop from the store anyway. Thank god for the kindness of strangers, right?


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