Rival Teams Eat Dinner Together To Show Good Sportsmanship

At the end of most sports games, teams so good sportsmanship by shaking hands. After a high school football game in South Carolina, tensions were high and hands did not get shook. After South Florence High beat Wilson High the players at South Florence walked off the field without shaking the hands of Wilson's players.

The athletic director at South Florence, Bob Wilson, said his team walked off because some of the coaches feared a fight might break out between the teams. However, Wilson's director Gerald Herbert didn't think there was any tension at all. There was obviously mixed feelings and miscommunication on both ends. In an effort to right a wrong situation, the directors got together and decided to mend feelings.

They had both teams eat dinner together and bond. The players all finally shook hands and it was even heard that some of the players were apologizing for their actions.

"Our kids are very strong. We just won back to back awards for sportsmanship, exemplary sportsmanship, integrity and ethics from the SC High School League. So that's what we teach our students. We teach our students. We teach our students sportsmanship. We teach them character. And we build that character. And it showed on Saturday what type of character we build in our students here at Wilson," said Herbert.

Whatever the reason bad sportsmanship was showed, good sportsmanship prevailed!

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