'Raw Beauty Project' Empowers And Spotlights Disabled Women

Wendy Crawford's life was changed forever at the age of 19. A car accident left her a quadriplegic. The model was not going to let her new condition stop her. Now, 30 years later, she is still modeling. But even better, she is empowering women through "The Raw Beauty Project." The project allows disabled women to model in front of the camera and in turn feeling beautiful and empowered. In 2006, Crawford also helped create an exhibit called "Uncensored Life: Raw Beauty", featuring photos of 20 disabled women that aimed to create new perceptions, shatter stereotypes and raise awareness for women with physical challenges.

Feature Image is model Aimee Hofmann, a paraplegic. She told Today.com she wanted to work on the project so she could be an inspiration for all women, not just those with disabilities. “Sometimes having a physical disability can make one feel physically ‘locked,’" she said. "However, the Raw Beauty Project made me realize, I can unleash that beautiful, confident woman once again.”

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