Promoting Universal Love, One Sticky Note At A Time

Vine is a platform for entertainment. There are musicians on Vine, actors on Vine, comedians on Vine – people of all different backgrounds. Vine can most importantly be used as a vehicle for social change. Our new friend Shawn Mendes uses the venue for just that, and blows us away with his social movement.

This is Shawn Mendes:

He has 3.2 million followers on Vine. When he went to meet some of his fans, he discovered something that troubled him. He discovered that many fans of his fans had cut themselves. Concerned, Mendes decided to take action. He teamed up with, a website that takes social issues and does something to change them. That’s how Mendes came to implement #NotesFromShawn.

It is very simple. All Mendes asks is that people write positive messages on a post-it note. One post-it note with a nice message could make a world of difference for someone who may be struggling. The response has been overwhelming! According to Business Insider, over 40,000 young adults have participated in this campaign. The stories that have been shared over all types of social media are absolutely touching, and there is not sign of stopping.

Thank you, Shawn, for showing everyone that it doesn’t take much to make someone’s day!

If you want more information on #NotesFromShawn, click here.

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