Prince Harry Bonds With Locals By Doing A Maori Haka Warrior Dance

On a recent visit to New Zealand, Prince Harry spent some time learning and performing the Maori haka, a traditional war cry and dance originated by the Maori, an indigenous people of New Zealand. The ceremonial group performance consists of chanting, strong movements, and stomping. It started as ritual performed by warriors before battle and now is best known for its pre-game performances by the National Ruby Team, the “All Blacks”.

While on a visit to Linton Military Camp, Prince Harry took the time to learn the Ngati Tumatauenga version of the haka, which is the New Zealand Army’s variant the dance, honoring fallen soldiers and historical battles. He continued his display of respect to the Maori, meeting with an indigenous performing arts group, exchanging a traditional hongi, a nose-pressing embrace, with each member. The Prince capped off the tour by playing touch rugby with local school children.


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