Positive Paparazzi: Win A Date With Stephen Colbert

Simply by donating $10 to Omaze, you could win a trip to NYC and spend an evening with none other than Stephen Colbert to talk about politics, humor and I don't know, jeggings? Who cares?! It's Stephen Colbert!! DONATE NOW, YOU FOOLS... I mean, uh... sorry. The contest closes July 12th.

James Wharton recently published, Out In The Army: My Life as a Gay Soldier, which tells how in 2008,  Prince Harry saved him from a homophobic attack from other servicemen. Harry's like, ONE good deed away from making me do something important irrational like friend him on Facebook or something brilliant ridiculous like that.

John Malkovich rescued a bleeding man from Ohio in Toronto. I'd say John Malkovich probably never thought he'd do something like that, but every time I doubt John Malkovich, I get pleasantly surprised. So... I guess I'm suggesting that he's good in a crisis because he can see it coming... because he's psychic. Just a theory.

Samuel L. Jackson has released a recorded monologue a promise he made as part of a contest he held to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. When he learned the donations to the association reached $175,000, he celebrated with this beauty:

An impeccably dressed Kerri Washington presented an award at the Jewelers For Children's Gala to Efraim Grinberg for his hard work in supporting JFC.

Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld recently hosted the 2013 Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash, an event that raised $460,000 to help families in need.

Dancing With The Stars host, Brooke Burke LURVES her two new kittens, so much that she joined up with 50 Years, 50 Shelters to help raise awareness of how much the program helps dedicated cat shelters across the country. Me-YOW, baby.

John Rich, country singer and former member of the band Lonestar performed a sold-out show for St. Jude's Children Hospital.

The UK and Ireland One Direction performances will mean a lot to cancer research. The viral boy band has decided to donate their ticket sales to Stand Up To Cancer. Pinch me, I'm swooning.

Charo has surfaced!! From what, I'm not sure! I just haven't seen her in a long time and I'm excited!! And guess what, she's totally NOT INTO bull fighting. In fact, she hates it. Because she's a caring person AND an iconic guitarist/singer/half-ponytail wearer. Way to go, chica.

Whew! What a week for celebrity goodness. I'm floored, I'm stunned, I'm verklempt even! And how could we not be? The stars came out in full force this week to teach the world a thing or ten about being good to your fellow man, fan, and creature. Faith in humanity: RESTORED. Cheers to that, my friends, cheers to THAT.

Farm Becomes Sanctuary for Animals After Tragedy

The impetus for the creation of the Ima Survivor Animal Sanctuary was the awful week in August 2017 when Hurricane Harvey meandered about southeast Texas unleashing biblical amounts of rain and wreaking havoc on the people and animals who lived there. The survival of a donkey named Ima Jean from 6 foot flood waters, her struggle to live and the fight to survive by her and the other animals from Lester Morrow's ranch is the inspiration for this unique habitat.

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Skid Row Carnival of Love Highlights Help for Homeless

Help us celebrate this year's 6th Annual "Skid Row Carnival of Love" on SAT January 25th, 2020. This event promotes human kindness for those experiencing homelessness in and around downtown Los Angeles. To commemorate the event, OGTV is sharing the story we premiered in June, 2019... so watch, enjoy, and support this humanitarian effort.

Skid Row – the image that immediately comes to mind is not pretty… a desolate street with boarded up windows…downtrodden people lurking in the shadows...broken glass…darkness…despair ... The Skid Row Carnival of Love is an initiative that is working to build community by providing resources and love to an often forgotten, and overlooked sector of one our largest cities: Los Angeles' homeless population of Skid Row. For one day, it's all about unconditional love and coming together as a community.

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Rescue, Transform, Share: How an Ohio Soup Shack Is Saving Lives

"It really does take a village to help people," says Sandra Lettie, a volunteer with La Soupe in Cincinnati, Ohio. La Soupe is helping to build and activate just such a "village" of compassionate people from the local area around the goal of producing food from discarded produce and providing it to families in need.

According to La Soupe's CEO, Suzy DeYoung, the organization's central mission is to "rescue, transform, and share." First, volunteers with La Soupe visit grocery stores and farms to pick up produce that was going to be discarded and "rescue" it for use in the soups that the team creates. That produce is then "transformed" into healthy, delicious food by the chefs at La Soupe. Finally, the food is "shared" with those in the local community who need it.

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Sweepstakes Winner Gets Unforgettable NASCAR Experience!

Stacy Comilang from Preston, CT., likes to think of herself as a "need for speed" kind of girl. She is a fan of NASCAR and had been to a few races while growing up in California. Even though she has never driven in a car much faster than the speed limit, or been in a race car, she would love to do both. Little did she know that when she casually entered a sweepstakes on the Coke website this past spring, that both of these dreams would soon come true!

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Man Goes on Cross-Country Hugging Tour To Spread Love

Hugging is considered to be a rather intimate form of affection across the US. Everyone hugs, but rarely do we ever hug strangers. Arie Moyal is willing to do just that. He is the founder and creator of the Hug Train, a national tour of free hugs to promote mental health awareness. Arie travels across the country giving hugs to strangers who are willing to give him an embrace.

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Dan's Coffee Runs Bring Warmth To Chemo Patients and Staff

Coffee and a smile are sometimes the best medicine. When Dan Dewey's father was being treated for cancer, Dan found himself following a routine in a situation which needed a little perking up.

Thus began what has become known as "Dan's Coffee Run". Every Thursday morning, Dan does a special coffee run for the staff and patients at the Michigan Cancer Institute in Bloomfield Hills, bringing Starbucks Coffee and a lot of smiles to the patients and providers at the cancer treatment center.

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This Organization Feeds Their Entire Community

If you are a kid and your bed is a lumpy, old couch or a cold, hard floor and you leave home for school without a regular breakfast, you will not excel in your classes. This daily struggle is shockingly common in many areas of the country and it sets many children on a downward spiral at an early age that is difficult to recover from. This is where Meals By Grace is making a difference.

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Anonymous Authors of Love Letters Uplift The Lonely

While it is exciting to see the bold type of a newly arrived email from an old friend or the pulsing dots of a long awaited text, there is still something special about the arrival of a hand written, stamped envelope in your home mailbox.

For those who are facing personal difficulties, adjusting to new circumstances, or just feeling isolated, the physical experience of handling a letter, opening the sealed side of the envelope, and sliding out a beautiful card brings the thrill and anticipation of contact with another person, something they may been missing for long time. Fulfilling this need is at the heart of an inspiring organization called "The World Needs More Love letters".

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