Positive Paparazzi: Carrie Underwood To The Million Dollar Rescue!

Celebrities Do Good

Headlining this week's good-celeb round up, is Carrie Underwood, who donated $1 MILLION to the victims of the Oklahoma tornado. As the highest paid American Idol winner, she's clearly using her ranking for good.

Also joining in to provide OK tornado relief is Blake Shelton. The cuddly country crooner from The Voice, hosted "Healing the Heartland," a benefit concert that served as a telethon, with proceeds going to the United Way of Central Oklahoma May Tornadoes Relief Fund.

The list doesn't end there. Joe Jonas took his perfectly styled hair on a trip to OK to volunteer with Convoy of Hope, an organization that specializes in disaster relief and one that Joe and his brothers have been working with since 2009.

Brett Michaels increased the value of this shiny Harley Davidson motorcycle by signing it before it was auctioned off at a benefit concert for  the Pittsburg Children's Hospital. Underneath his John Hancock, he wrote, "Life Rocks."

Olivia Munn, who I believe can do no wrong, starred in this adorable PSA to stop teens from texting while driving:

Fashion's top stars made their way to the red carpet to attend the 35th Annual Image Awards, the proceeds of which benefitted the Wounded Warrior Project. Among the VIPs were Debi Mazar, Peter Cincotti, Robyn Lawley, Alyssa Miller, and Rachel Roy among others. 

At another event benefitting war veterans, Jake Gyllenhaal dished out some serious dough and some serious poetry when he read "Dulce et Decorum Est" to the audience of the Headstrong Project's Words of War event in NYC. During the auction he started the bidding at $5,000.

A gajillion celebrities had screen time in AMC's PSA about joining the fight against AIDS that ran from Memorial Day to May 30. From June 1-10, 40 cents of each movie ticket will go to The Global Fund. The amount raised is estimated to reach $100,000.

The Trump National Golf Club held the 2nd Annual Hank Baskett Classic, where an impressive list of celebrity golfers played (Kendra Wilson, Blake Leeper, and Bryan Russel to name a few), and former NFL wide receiver, Hank Baskett presented Dr. Ross Camige with this year's Spirit Award for having successfully treated Baskett's father for lung cancer.

In case you missed it on the Hoopla Blog, check out some seriously terrific things Patrick Stewart and Samuel L. Jackson did this week as well.

When trouble falls, the stars will shine. Here's to the celebs who helped people heal, helped prevent them from getting hurt, and restored our faith in humanity ever so nicely. Cheers to THAT. Have a good weekend everyone.

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