Parenting Hacks To Make This Summer Easy Breezy

Summer just got a whole lot easier for you and your family! BuzzFeed put together a list of 29 Summer Parenting Hacks That Are Borderline Genius and they are so simple yet so helpful! Here are a list of our favorites:

1) Cupcake Liner Lid

Keep those darn bugs out of your drinks with these clever DIY drink lids!

2) Organize Your Trunk

Use these shoe sorters (you can find them at the dollar store) to keep all of your summer essentials with in your car without the big mess!

3) Make This Poolside Drying Rack

Get some PVC pipes to make this helpful drying rack for bathing suits, beach towels and pool toys!

4) Add Magnets To Drinking Cups

Help your family stay hydrated this summer with this hack! No more rummaging through the cabinet to find a cup, now they are conveniently next to the ice maker!

5) Make Giant Bubbles

This is super fun for the kids and you could even snap some cool pictures!

6) Make Your Own Sundial

A fun and functional craft for the kids to do!

7) Make A Soap Boat Race Track

An exciting and easy game for the kids!

8) Customizable Snack Storage Containers

Pack a lunch that each person will love and store them in these bead containers! No more smushed sandwiches and a convenient way to pack forks and knifes!

9) Use Muffin Tins For Condiments

Keep them separated and easy to scoop!

10) Use A Fitted Sheet As A Beach Blanket

Keep sand out with this clever hack!

For the full list click here.

H/T BuzzFeed

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