Oh-My-Good News: March 15, 2013

Top of the morning to you! HooplaHa is bringing you a St. Patricks's Day themed Oh-My-Good News countdown!


5.  Starting off the countdown at #5, we have a story about a big reward that recently deceased NY mayor Edward Koch left to his longtime secretary, Mary Garrigan, in his will.  As Koch's secretary for over 40 years, Mary well deserved this $100,000 pot of gold left to her in Koch's will. 


4.  In Seaside Heights, their 29th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade kicked off season of hope in for the community.  The parade was the first major event held here since Sandy devastated the borough last October...giving the people of Seaside Heights even more reason to celebrate.


3.  Next up, we have a heartwarming story about Logan, a 9-yr-old South Brunswick boy who may have been blessed with the "luck of the Irish".  Logan suffers from severe Type 1 diabetes rewuiring his blood sugar levels to be monitored 24/7. After Logan's story was published, in just under two months, the community raised $20,000 to purchase Logan four-month old diabetic alert Labrador named Lucky.



2.  Our #2 Oh-My-Good news story this week comes from Wilkes-Barre Pensylvania wheremayor Tom Leighton surprised 38-yr-old injured Navy veteran David Morgan with an invitation to serve as grand marshal in the town's  St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Leighton met Morgan, a Wilkes-Barre native while visiting a veterans hospital and learned Morgan is a huge fan of the Irish holiday.



1.  And finally time for our #1 top good news headline. The traditional green and white decorations held a second, special meaning at the Greater Hartford St. Patrick's Day Parade last week, as participants wore the colors to honor those who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Newtown families, policitians, and members of the police and fire departments joined Hartford officials to lead off the 42nd annual parade, receiving a standing ovation from crowds as they marched by.

Cheers lads and leprechauns!  For more St. Patrick's Day fun, head to our Facebook page and get your green on!

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