Newlyweds Spend Honeymoon Performing Random Acts of Kindness

Mark and Ismini Svensson are not your typical newlyweds. Instead of jet-setting on a honeymoon adventure the couple decided to go on a different adventure to help others. The past two years have been spent conquering the  "50 Acts of Giving Back" challenge the couple committed to. In every state, the couple is on a mission to give back. Some of these acts of kindness include: giving out meals to the homeless, rescuing animals, donating gifts to sick kids and supporting domestic abuse victims.

From their trips to Florida to Utah, this couple was inspired to start a New-York based non-profit, Stay United, a program to oversee plans focused on bettering education and health for the youths of today. Using the funds from their wedding reception has allowed the couple to all but finish their list in two years with Alaska and Hawaii as their remaining trips. Inspired by Ismini's fathers charity work and recent passing, the couple decided to pursue something worthwhile that he could be proud of.

Read more about this couples experience here.


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