Sweet Little Gizmo Is A Therapy Dog For Kids Who Struggle With Reading

When you think of a therapy dog, you may think of a fluffy golden retriever who comforts hospital patients or people living with PTSD. But furry pups can provide relief in so many different ways. That includes helping young students practice reading!

Gizmo is an adorable little therapy dog who helps out with a program called Paws To Read, at the Hartford Public Library. He helps out by giving the readers comfort and also a less intimidating audience for whatever they are reading. Gizmo's calm and relaxed manner helps kids "feel secure, and able to read to him the best they can," says Jenna Adams, Gizmo's owner, "and that's all Gizmo expects."

Jenna tells an amazing story of sitting with a mother and watching the woman's son read aloud to Gizmo. The young boy had been reprimanded for failing to study his words, and had been having trouble reading out loud ever since. But with Gizmo on his lap, the student was finally comfortable practicing his reading.

"I never had read to a dog before, or any pet," says one student in the program. "It's been fun reading to Gizmo."

Everyone can stay connected with Gizmo, thanks to his incredibly sweet Facebook page!

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