"Motel Girl" Breaks Down Cop's Emotional Walls


Chris Cognac, a police officer in Hawthorne, California has seen pure evil in his 23 years of service. The officer has built up emotion walls, rightfully so, to battle the violence and abuse he witnesses on the streets. He expressed it became hard to 'feel' and hard to be happy when you see the world as such a dark place. He decided to focus all his energy into his work and do his best to make the world a better place. He tried to shut down the worst motel in the city; home to criminals, gangsters and drug dealers.

Around Christmas time he went to the motel to bring presents to the children who still lived there. The girl who came to the door would go on to change his life forever. Yanet Alvarez, 15-years-old, was a very well mannered girl who lived in the motel for 13 years. Her mother cleaned the dirty rooms for $3.00 a room. In spite of her lifestyle, she was a 4.3 GPA student traveling 3 miles to school every day. After hearing her story, Cognac immediately took her under his wing. "I took down my protective wall, opened up my heart and told her that I would make sure she got the chances in life that she deserved. I was determined to make sure that this girl got to realize her dream of going to college. I dedicated my heart and soul to make sure this little girl, was the one child that the streets didn't eat alive." Yanet became his intern in the Community Affairs Unit at the Hawthorne Police Department and went on to UC Berkeley for college.

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