Man Vows To Take Each Of His 1,000+ Facebook Friends For Coffee

Matt Kulesza is a prolific Facebook user with over 1,000 friends. One day, however, Matt decided that just having them as friends on Facebook wasn’t enough. He decided to start the 1000+ Coffees project in September 2014. This project, as described on the project’s Tumblr page, is “an exercise in remembering to socialise with and get to know people outside the ‘book.”

So far, Matt has met with 26 of his Facebook friends. His project has developed a very stable following, with over 3,000 likes on Facebook since September. After Matt meets with his friends, he posts a picture and a detailed description of their reunion. With each post, Matt's enjoyment in the project so far is very clear. Being friends with someone on Facebook is one thing, but actually sitting down with them and talking face to face is another.

It is so refreshing to hear a story about a man who is actually connecting with all of the connections he has.

To learn more about the 1000+ Coffees project, you can visit the project’s Tumblr page by clicking here. You can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

H/T Distractify


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