Live Your Life Like A Disney Classic

Disney movies are a staple for almost everyone. For years, Disney has been touching the hearts of it's audiences with their charming stories and classic characters. Turns out, we can learn a lot from these movies. The blog over at has compiled a list of 11 tips and tricks for turning your life into an animated classic. Here are some of the lessons learned from timeless Disney movies:

  • Beauty and the Beast: Read!

Belle found her inspiration in books, and books are important. Reading expands the imagination and opens up your mind to new ideas and new goals.

  • The Lion King: Try New Things.

Hakuna Matata! Simba started anew with his friends Timon and Pumba, even though it meant drastically changing his lifestyle. Try new things because it is always important to expand your horizons and go out of your comfort zone.

  • The Princess and the Frog: Whatever you dream of doing, work hard at it.

Tiana had a dream of opening her own restaurant. In order to achieve that dream, she worked as hard as she could. If you work hard, making that dream a reality becomes a lot easier.

  • Mulan: Be brave.

Mulan didn’t run away from a challenge when it faced her and her family. She addressed her challenges and wasn’t afraid of what was going to happen. When you are brave, you may find that you are capable of a lot more than you think.

For more tips and tricks to living your life like a Disney movie, click here.

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