Kids' First Reactions To Fireworks

An amazing fireworks show is super exciting, fun, and guaranteed to make you smile! Check out these priceless reactions to fireworks by these adorable kids as they watch sparks fly for the first time!

This is a HooplaHa Original. For more HooplaHa Originals, check out our YouTube channel!

Girl Scouts Also Build Basketball Courts!

** OGTV's second KIDSBIZ playlist video of the week is about a group of Girl Scouts that does more than just sell cookies - they build basketball courts! **

Girl Scouts are on a mission to make the world a better place. 16-year-old, Claire Dundee's latest effort has done just that. In search of a project to complete for her final and highest honor as a Girl Scout, the Girl Scout Gold Award, Claire wanted to do something that really made an impact on lives.

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How To Make A Delicious Glass Of Iced Tea - Tea Time With Cindi Bigelow

** OGTV recognizes National Iced Tea Day with a "how to" story from Cindi Bigelow, the head of a family business that knows a lot about making great tasting tea. **

Whether you make Fresh Brewed Iced Tea by the pitcher or by the glass, there's no better way to cool off than with your favorite Tea on ice! Fresh brewed iced tea is a great alternative to sugary soft drinks all year long. It's a snap to make and economical too!

Join Cindi Bigelow as she shares her home and her tips on how you can have fun creating your own combination of iced tea flavors.

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Love Makes A Family - The Creation Of Us S2 (Trailer)

From the very first day that Heather and Christen physically bumped one another at a local bar on Long Island, these two women knew that there was something special between them. In OGTV's original series, The Creation Of Us, we share some of the stories that have taken them from those first charged moments of a new relationship to their vibrant life together. Watch all of their stories here!

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Veterinarian is a Modern Day Dr. Dolittle - Dr. Amy Jo's Wild Life (Part 1)

** OGTV's first GOOD STORY of the week is about the "wild" life of Dr. Amy Jo Pilmer, a Texas veterinarian with a heart for animals that is as big as her state. **

This is the story of a modern day Dr. Doolittle with her own personal wildlife sanctuary, a local veterinarian who's life is dedicated to caring for unusual and extraordinary animals. These animals have become more than her patients or pets, they have become her family!

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Ziggy The Pig Is A One Of A Kind, Unique Pet

** OGTV celebrates Pet Appreciation Week with this story about an adventurous couple who bought a motorhome and now travel around living the mobile life with their pet - a 250 pound adult pig! **

"Living with a pig is crazy," says Jay Yontz. Jay and his girlfriend Kristin Hartness are pet-parents to a friendly pig named Ziggy—and there are plenty of crazy things about this little family's story!

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Love Is Love - Happy Pride!

OnlyGood TV has a few special messages to share during Pride Month, but one in particular always bubbles up to the top of the list.... Love is Love!

Watch as our stars from The Creation Of Us and Joy Story share some of their milestone moments as couples that vaulted their relationships from meaningful to magical.

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San Diego Teens Help Build Studios For Thriving Art Community

** OGTV's first KIDSBIZ playlist video of the week is about a group of San Diego teens who are supporting their local artists by designing and building affordable housing so they can continue to live and thrive in their community. **

San Diego teens are making a difference in their local community. 'Team Sempiternal' is a group of 54 9th graders building 'tiny homes' for San Diego artists. Students are designing, drafting and building tiny houses for local artists in San Diego in order to provide affordable housing to keep art alive in San Diego.

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Amazing Kids, Successful Businesses - KidsBiz (Trailer)

The OnlyGood TV series KIDSBIZ turns a spotlight on remarkable kids and their businesses who not only launch thriving companies but use them to make a difference for the people in their communities, near and far. Watch all of their stories here!

With kids like these running things, our prospects for the future are a lot brighter!

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