Jimmy Dean's "Paparazzi For Good" Captures Kindness In The Act

Good deeds are meant to be shared! People everywhere are being asked to capture an act of kindness when they're witnessed. Famed sausage-maker, Jimmy Dean, just launched “Paparazzi for Good,” which is part of the company’s “Shine It Forward” campaign. Photographers, established and unestablished, can get paid $500 for capturing everyday random acts of kindness if they get the best weekly picture. All you need to do is post your photos on either the company website or social media with the hashtag “ShineOnPics. And professionals like Giles Harrison love it already. Watch him visit a compassionate man who indulges in the beautification of beaches and a compassionate chef to get a taste of this incredible opportunity. We guarantee you’ll be more than inspired!

H/T Good News Network

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