Inspiring 600lb Man Travels On 3,200 Mile Bike Journey

Eric Hites was 560 pounds when he was struggling with his health and in his marriage. He decided he wanted to make a change!

Hites, 40, was listening to his favorite song, "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)," by The Proclaimers, when he got the idea.

"I didn't think I could walk 500 miles," Hites said. "But I could ride it."

Hites has been keeping a blog called "Fat Guy Across America" where he has been documenting his journey.

After running into some troubles with his bike, Hites has had to make some unplanned stops but has found good in all the bad and does not plan on giving up.

"It's been awesome," Hites told NBC News. "I get to meet so many cool people and have lots of cool conversations."

Hites has already lost 50 pounds and wants to loose 200 more pounds!

"I get to lose weight and have fun doing it," Hites said. "It's all about the journey."

H/T NBC News

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