How to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween

Halloween is such a fun holiday. Between picking out your costume, decorating and going trick-or-treating. These are some tips that will help to make sure you and your kids have a happy, safe Halloween. Some of the following  precautions have been suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Fire Protection Association:

1) Always make sure your kids are accompanied by an adult when trick or treating. If you feel comfortable allowing them to go trick-or-treating with friends, be sure to have them tell you their pre-planned route and agree on a time that they must return home.

2) Make sure your kids have flashlights and stay on well lit streets.

3) Trick-or-treat in your neighborhood! Stick to what you know to ensure familiarity and comfort.

4) Wait until you get home to open up your kids treats. Make sure there are no unwrapped candies or other suspicious items.

5) Try to ration the goodies. While candy is delicious it is not the healthiest treat, and too much of any good thing is never good. I would suggest divvying up the candy into baggies for easy access and portion control.

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