How Facebook Can Make You A Happier Person

Let's face it... technology and this social generation has forced us all to jump on the social media bandwagon. Everyone is on Facebook, aside from the few sticklers who refuse to give in to the temptation. Well, since we are already on it more than we would like to admit, you might as well let Facebook make you a happier person. While the site is a great venue for sharing news, it can unfortunately overwhelm our news feed with sad, depressing, negative stories and posts. But if used correctly, Facebook can actually make you happy according to Dr. Suzana Flores, a clinical psychologist and author of the new book Facehooked: How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives. In her book, she shares 6 ways to make Facebook work FOR you and make you happy.

1. Delete negative friends. There is enough negativity in the world- you don't need to be reminded of it every time Negative Nancy posts something. Delete her (or at least hide her posts), you don't need that in your life.

2. Make someone else's day. Say hello. Share a nice story on your friend's wall. Give someone a compliment. After all, kindness IS contagious.

3. Post life events. This encourages positive feedback from your friends and allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment and self worth.

4. Laugh at yourself. Your friends know you. They know you aren't ugly, or religiously clutsy, so if you have a bad hair day pic or spill your coffee all over yourself - share it. It will make other people laugh!

5. Join interest-based groups. There are groups and pages you can like where people with the same interests are posting and talking. You can make new friends and see posts about that particular interest.

6. Revisit old albums. Who doesn't love a trip down memory lane? Those pictures from Spring Break 2003- yeah, I bet those will induce a smile or two...

I don't know about you- but I am feeling happier already. Like I said, if we are already spending a lot of time on Facebook, we might has well have it promote wellness.

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