Happiness Helpers Carry Inspiring Signs To Promote Smiles

It's amazing how just a few simple words can change someone's day for the better when things are not going as planned. A smile, vote of confidence, or a compliment can make their gray skies blue again and that is exactly what the Happiness Sprinkling Project is all about: making someone feel good, reminding them that they matter. Through the help of signs and smiles the Happiness Sprinkling Project wants everyone to feel encouraged, inspired, and, most importantly, happy.

Feel the power of the word with a Happiness Sprinkling offering encouragement, joy, inspiration, and positive reinforcement to brighten your day. Laura Lavigne, life coach, author and director of the Anacortes Center for Happiness founded the Happiness Sprinkling Project. What began as a one time facebook posting is now bringing smiles across the nation and beyond.

“It's so easy to do and it makes such a huge difference," said founder Laura Lavigne.

Watch as “sprinklers" in Seattle, WA help bring a little joy to The Emerald City and, maybe, you'll get a few ideas on how to cheer up a friend.

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