Goldie Hawn Teaches Kids How To Be More Mindful

Goldie Hawn is most known for her 50 years in Hollywood. The hilarious, loving, giving actress is winning our hearts for another reason now. She started the organization MINDUP, working with scientists and psychologists to teach students how to be more mindful. She wants students to be able to open their minds, be able to meditate and take a 'brain break.' This helps keep them calm and to do better in school.

"Mindfullness is really being in the moment. Have the sense of now. It's all we have. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn't happened. So really all we have is now," says Goldie. Since there is more pressure on kids, more fear since tragedies like Sandy Hook, MINDUP helps kids stay calm, happy and healthy. She is so passionate about this cause she says it's the most important thing she has ever done.

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