Girl Scout Sells 2,000 Boxes of Cookies to Help Uncle With MS

Callie Olson is an 8-year-old Girl Scout with a giving and loving spirit. She worked extremely hard to sell 2,000 boxes of girl scout cookies to win the grand prize MacBook; what's even better is the fact that she won it for her uncle with MS!

Callie came up with the idea to win the MacBook for her uncle because he could not afford to replace his. He could no longer play the violin due to his illness but started mixing music on his laptop as a substitute. When his laptop broke and he could not afford to fix it and was robbed of his music, he was heartbroken! Callie thought this was her chance to give him an amazing gift.

"I wanted to do this for my uncle to show that I love him and that I care about him."

Through the generosity of friends and community members, Callie was able to successfully reach her cookie goal and help her uncle in the process!

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