Father-Son Duo is Spreading Happiness with their Crazy Socks!

John's Crazy Socks is a father-son venture inspired by John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, and his love of colorful and fun socks, or what he calls his "crazy socks." That's not the only reason we love this business. Built on love and with a mission to spread happiness, John's Crazy Socks is inspiring us and we hope it inspires you too.

John and Mark of John's Crazy Socks

John's Crazy Socks is built on four pillars:

  • Socks: They offer over 1,200 socks! Seriously, it won't be hard to find a pair (or two) of socks that you or your friends will love.
  • Fast and Personal Shipping: Not only do they offer same day shipping, but they make your package personal with a thank you note from John and candy!
  • Giving Back: John's Crazy Socks donates 5% of their earnings to the Special Olympics. Plus, they've created a series of Awareness and Charity socks and donate a percentage of the money they earn form each pair to causes like Down Syndrome, Autism Awareness, and breast cancer research.
  • Proving What's Possible: John's Crazy Socks is a business started by a man with Down syndrome, so it only makes sense they hire people with disabilities.

See all about John's Crazy Socks here!

And if you want to learn more, visit John's Crazy Socks' website. For more inspiring stories, follow us on Facebook and sign up for our Only Good News Newsletter.

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