Everything You Should Read, See, Eat And Do This December

Read these. Novels usually get all the glory when it comes to book recommendations, so I'm giving you something different, but no less wonderful. A hilarious memoir and a magical collection of short stories.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened, by Jenny Lawson


I barely made it past page five before I spat out whatever I was drinking. Jenny Lawson writes about her unbelievably abnormal childhood/life with enough self-deprecation and candid detail that you feel like one of her best friends. The situations she finds herself in (and the ones that she literally runs straight into) are too outrageous to make up, yet here they are on paper, and for that, I am grateful. What you find in this book would not fit in a novel, so step outside of your playground of fiction and take a leap off the edge of reality, BABY.

Vampires In The Lemon Grove by Karen Russell


Full disclosure--I haven't read this yet. I do keep hearing about it, and seeing it on bookstores' "recommended" shelves and it was recently listed as one of Huff Post Books' "Best Books Of The Year." A quote from teh HuffPo recommender: "Though the topics vary from subjects like vampires to women who turn into silkworms, all the tales have one major thing in common: They are the perfect blend of magic and reality." I have a feeling I'll be cracking this one open

Watch these:

Sound of Music Live on NBC Dec 5

Ace Showbiz

Whether or not you're pleased to see Carrie Underwood starring in the NBC revival, I say give it a shot. Sound of Music is a timeless piece of musical cinema that all ages can enjoy. I'm not one to think that the original can be bested, per-se, but no one can deny that Underwood is the highest paid American Idol for nothing. Girl can sing, and she might just blow your mind by doing a bang-up job in a gig that's outside the wheelhouse of country music.

Homeland Season Finale December 15th

Boise Weekly

The super-Homeland-fans probably already have this date memorized, but for anyone who has been flirting with diving into the Golden Globe winning, Emmy winning, Screen Actors Guild winning, and lots-of-other-awards-winning drama/thriller, you should catch up before the finale. OR if you are caught up, schedule a party with some friends to have popcorn and cocktails in front of the TV as the show's fourth season comes to a dramatic end.

Nom on this:

Tourtiere (meat pie)

As a person of Canadian descent, it's my Canuck duty to share this delectable treat with you. Usually, when I talk about it to people who've never heard of it, they cock their heads and screw up their eyebrows as if my face just turned into a cross-word puzzle. Tourtiere is not a hamburger pie. It's a sweet and savory dish that goes magnificently with cranberry sauce. My parents make it every Christmas and the whole  extended family goes nuts for it--even the Italians!

You've gotta try it. Here's a recipe. Go nuts.

Listen to this:

Definitely check out the American Authors' EP. I'm usually late to music news, but I came across these guys and the modest collection of tracks on their EP made a bad day good almost instantly.


"Best Day of My Life"

"Hit It"



If you liked "Home," you'll love this:

The Ultimate Playlist To Get You Pumped Up And Inspired

I recently made an awesome playlist to get you up and moving which you can find here.

Do this:

Write a letter.

December is Write a Friend Month, and December 7th is Letter Writing Day. E-Cards are great, but mayhaps a friend or relative or secret crush would like to see some good old fashioned parchment and ink as Christmas gets closer. Don't feel limited by white paper and black ink! Take some inspiration from these gems:





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