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Dudeoir Competes for the Ultimate Beard! (Beauty Redefined E5)

In this episode of Beauty Redefined, "dudeoir" model and bail bondsman Josh Varozza introduces us to the unique world of Beard Competitions! Josh heads out to the The Northern California Beard and Moustache Competition at the California Automobile Museum where he will compete in the 8th annual Beard and Mustache competition, hosted by the MBSC – the Moustache and Beard Social Club. Josh will go head-to-head against some of the most impressive facial hair he has ever seen, but he will also go heart-to-heart with his competitors to find out how their facial hair makes them feel and what makes it a key part of their inner and outer beauty.

Ally Echevarria loves being included as a judge in the annual competition, "I think that bearding is redefining beauty standards and it's giving people a different viewpoint of someone with a beard," she remarked. "It doesn't mean they are a loser hippie or a homeless person. Maybe it means they don't want to shave because they're raising money for a cause." In fact, this hair-raising competition is a charity fundraiser for the animal adoption organization "Paws", the Pet Adoption & Wellness Services of Woodland.

"You can find the most unique people at a beard competition," Josh remarked. "I compete because this is somewhere where a weird dude can be a winner. I'm not good at a lot of things but growing a beard I kick ass at!"

You won't believe some of the amazing looks on these competitors! Take a break and watch a bunch of goofy guys, and some adventurous gals, with amazing beards and moustaches, have a fun time together. They are getting out of their comfort zone and showing how facial hair is not only a point of pride, but a badge of beauty.

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