Did You Know Washing Dishes Can Actually Be Therapeutic?

One of my least favorite chores can actually be good for your health! Washing dishes isn't everyone's favorite to do, but a new study proves it should be.

"Washing the dishes may be a convenient detox for overwrought minds", a study in the journal Mindfulness suggests. By washing dishes mindfully, focusing on the smell of the soap, and the shape and feel of the dishes, it can significantly reduce nervousness and increased mental stimulation.

It's all about being present. By washing dishes and only thinking about that, it help us not worry about the past or future. Our mind can be at ease only having to think about the current situation.

Researchers at Florida State University in Tallahassee tested 51 students in their early 20s. Some read a 230-word passage that stressed the sensory experience of dishwashing. The others, controls, read a similar-length passage about proper dishwashing techniques. The subjects gave their interpretations of the readings verbally and in writing, and then each washed 18 clean dishes.

Positive and negative personality traits, mindful state, and psychological well-being were studied before and after dishwashing. Nervousness decreased by 27 percent in the mindful dishwashers, while mental inspiration increased by 25 percent. Both changes were statistically significant and reflected a substantial experiential shift, researchers said. There was no change among the controls.

So all in all, even if you don't like doing dishes, do 'em. It can make you happier and less stressed. As long as you do it mindfully, of course!

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