Dentist ‘Restores Smiles’ For Domestic Abuse Survivors

Domestic abuse is hardly something to smile about; effecting both the body and mind, many victims lose confidence and self esteem. But one dentist is looking to restore their outer and inner beauty and strength.

Five years ago on International Women’s Day, Toronto based Dr. Tina Meisami founded Project Restoring Smiles, a network of dentists that provides dental treatment free of charge to domestic violence survivors. Since then, the program has grown from 5 dentists to 18 and performed over $200,000 worth of dental care for free.

“As a woman, I felt as though I needed to stand up for their rights,” Meisami told her alumni newspaper, University of Toronto News. “As a human being, I felt their pain. As a surgeon, I wanted to fix their oral and facial pain.”

And many of her clients greatly appreciate her gesture, especially Sam. Four years ago, Sam was living in a shelter, having lost her teeth and self esteem to domestic abuse. When her caseworker introduced her to Meisami, the dentist told Sam, “We’re going to give you the smile you had before,” to which Sam broke down crying. Today, Sam has regained both her smile and voice, and will never forget the great gifts Meisami restored.

“She changed my life, she saved my life and I’m forever grateful for this,” Sam told CTV Toronto. What a wonderful woman!

H/T Toronto CTV News

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