Every community has its Hometown Heroes, the people who are there to teach, protect, cure, entertain, and support us, making our lives a little better, every day.

We not only celebrate our brave service men and women, but people from all walks of life who pull their communities together to get things done. You will find stories here about Small Business owners and work colleagues, Seniors and Students, Parents and Kids, and all the individuals and groups who support their home towns through the causes and charities they believe in.

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  • KultureCity

    KultureCity is a movement to make experiences accessible to families with autism. In 2017, they teamed up with Jeff and Amy Belles to make "The Q" the first sensory-friendly sports arena around.

  • The Naval Academy - An Immigrant's Dream

    Ebony Williams Parris is a determined and humble young woman who came to the U.S. from Jamaica in order to receive the best education possible. Hear about her journey that led to her being accepted into the prestigious Annapolis Naval Academy and what drove her decision to do one of the most self...

  • Farag Breads

    New from! When Sherif Farag was once asked what his dream job was, he said it was to own a bakery. It's a long journey from Management Consultant in Boston to Baker in Paris but in this story you will follow the unusual path Sherif and his wife Nadine have followed to make this dream...

  • INTEMPO Music

    INTEMPO is a Stamford, CT-based non-profit arts organization that teaches students in a few nearby towns not only musicianship, but also multicultural awareness and pride in their diverse backgrounds. Founded in 2011 by violinist and educator Angelica Durrell, INTEMPO envisions a new word of musi...

  • Little Free Library

    You've seen them around, but do you know the story behind these "Little Free Libraries"? Today you'll meet founder Todd Bol and hear the story behind LFL. With 75,000 across the globe in all 50 American states and in 85 countries, these little free libraries are making a big impact!

  • Kindness Rocks

    Megan Murphy started randomly placing rocks painted with inspirational quotes and sayings on the beaches of Cape Cod and thus, "The Kindness Rocks Project" was born! Now people from all around the world are following suit and inspiring others to be happy and kind in the process!

  • Purrfect Partnership: Seniors and Kittens

    Animal shelters and elderly care facilities both do incredible work, answering major demands with often limited resources. And when you put the two together? Compassion simply overflows. Watch a purrfect partnership form as seniors and newborn kittens nurture and bring out the best in each other....

  • TallOrder Socks

    After husband and father, Andrew Friedman was killed in the 9/11 attacks. His family made it their mission to start a "TallOrder" sock business with the sole purpose of giving back.

  • Baking My Dreams

    Vines Bakery got its start when Julianna Hritz finally listened to her heart instead of her head. After graduating college to become a teacher, she followed her heart, took a leap of faith, and fulfilled her childhood dream instead. The Vines Bakery allows Julianna to connect with, inspire, and c...

  • Grandma's Summer Lunches

    This Grandma not only cares about her own but also 375 other kids! Students who rely on free lunches during the school year can run out of luck when school's out; Phyllis Shaughnessy was determined to bridge this gap. She started Green Lantern Lunches, where she hand packs, with help, 375 lunches...