Cat Travels To Find Owner In Nursing Home

The bond between owner and pet is a strong one. This bond in particular is so strong it reunited this cat with it's owner after being separated for 2 weeks. Nancy Cowen was placed in a nursing home and was forced to give up her loving cat Cleo. The cat, whom she rescued 8 years earlier would go on to live with one of Nancy's neighbors. Cleo was not going to have any part in that. About 2 weeks after Nancy moved in, the staff started noticing a cat hanging out around the home. They would feed her because she was so cute and friendly. One day Nancy met the cat and noticed the striking resemblance to her Cleo.  After realizing the cat had a stubby tail just like Cleo, the owner knew it was her beloved cat. There is no saying how the cat found it's owner, but it's a beautiful tale of friendship and love. The staff was not about to break the two up again. Cleo is now living full time with Nancy at the home.

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