Megan Bomgaars – Living an Unlimited Life with Down Syndrome

Do you ever get annoyed when someone treats you like you can't do something you're completely capable of doing? Someone who knows quite a bit about that is Megan Bomgaars, a business owner, motivational speaker & reality TV star of the hit A&E show "Born This Way" who happens to be living with Down syndrome.

Watch as Megan attends the 22nd Annual "Buddy Walk" in Wakefield, MA, for Down Syndrome Awareness Month. This year's theme is Extraordinary Stories which will highlight young adults with Downs who are accomplishing amazing things. You will fall in love with Megan's personality and passion for this cause as she warmly embraces and advocates for those who feel like their voices aren't heard.

These days, Megan is a sought after public speaker who travels the country with her mom, Kris, giving keynote speeches and enlightening and empowering everyone in their path. Megan's mantra "Don't Limit Me" is her philosophy and her mission to help her peers believe they can accomplish anything they want.

Saying it is one thing, but Megan leads by doing it. She is an artist and entrepreneur, runs her own business called Megology, and is working with Sanrio (Hello Kitty) on a new T shirt line. She is living proof that living with Downs is NOT a disability.

Watch her inspirational speech to the Buddy Walk crowd where she lets them know that their hopes and dreams can come true like anyone else's. "I believe that we are not limited. We can do anything we set our minds to."

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