Body Image Cartoons That Will Make You Feel On Top Of The World

As woman (and men, although I can't speak for you) we have days where we don't feel that confident. If we have a bad hair day, it can, in fact, ruin our whole day. We struggle with our weight, skin and countless other body image issues. But illustrator Kate Allan wants to remind us that WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. With such attention on Hollywood beauties, it can be hard to not compare ourselves to 'how we should be.' I agree with Kate in saying, ""You are beautiful and your butt is awesome!"

"I think it's important for women to appreciate everything that's beautiful about themselves," Allan told The Huffington Post. "What's often represented in the media is a very narrow interpretation of beauty -- thin, long legs, glowing skin. And while it's obvious why that's attractive, that archetype isn't the only beauty worth noting and flaunting."

Kate created these images to help boost our mood and confidence! They work :) I love them so much!

H/T SparkleLife

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