Awesome Gifts For Men That Women Would Also Love

My co-worker recently showed me, a website that posts amazing gadgets, gear, and clothing that the men in your life would love to own. I agree, they would. Really, though, most of the gifts would be great gifts for anyone.

For example, who would ever say no to a multi-tool that looks like a rhino?

No matter your gender, you don't want to make a million trips to and from the tool box, or spend time looking for a misplaced wrench for ten minutes. The key-ring size Rhino multi-tool features 4 different types of screwdrivers, 3 wrenches, and a beer opener. A beer opener, people. The $40 price tag asks for too little.

If you like saving yourself trips to the toolbox, you'll love saving a bit of the environment with Ogami Repap notebooks.

Instead of cotton or elephant poop or most other paper alternatives, these Repap notebooks are made from calcium carbonate, a by-product of limestone. The limestone can be recovered from stone quarries and waste from the building industry. To boot, they don't require special recycling procedures since they're photo-biodegradable (able to be broken down by light) in 14 to 18 months. Another perk: the paper is water-proof and erases cleaner than regular paper. They go fo $13-30, which is comparable to most Molskine products. They come in the sleek, professional style above, and in the colorful quotes style below:

Ladies, you don't have to turn to Vera Bradley for everything. Whether you're an outdoorsy type, or the professional type, this bag works; it's appropriate for a trip to a cabin or to a conference. Life is easier when there's less luggage, and you want a bag that won't let you down, so this one's a good pick for anyone.

It goes for $240, but how many times are you going to buy a quality piece of luggage? It's an investment worth making.

Speaking of investments, here's a modest one that could come in handy. The Swedish made Tic shirt button repair is a great alternative to the thread and needle method, and only for $7.50.

Not everyone knows how to sew, including girls. Everyone, however, likes to save a shirt when a single button comes loose.

Okay, this one's insanely expensive but the premise is gender-neutral. The Winnifred Beach Sport Utility Bathrobe (for $300--youch) looks like a trendy jacket on the outside and feels like a terry-cloth heaven on the inside.

Need to make a business skype-call on a saturday? This puppy makes it possible to not have to put actual clothes on. Close it up at the neck and you're good to go. You may have to take care of the bed-head. Don't want to talk to current or potential employers looking like you slept with a lit M-80 in your hair.

No matter your gender, or even your age, you probably drink coffee. The coffee-drinker demographic is huge--54% of people over the age of 18 drink at least one cup every day and they all get strung-out like junkies when they don't have it. If you like coffee, you love it, and you'd probably love Death Wish Coffee, a super caffeinated roast that's 200% stronger than regular roast.

Have you ever wanted to possibly levitate? For $20 you can eat the beans straight from the bag and let me know immediately what happens.

Here's another one for coffee lovers... and for whiskey, wine and beer lovers as well: Rox. The new company makes special cubes that regulate a drink's temperature to ideal levels for each of these drinks.

Let's not regale women to the wine and coffee options. Real men AND real women drink whiskey. The line between femininity and masculinity may divide what we think men and women should drink, but it doesn't stop us from liking what we do. If a girl likes beer, she's going to drink it. One bag of Rox is $15. Bottoms up.

We all sing in the shower, and we all think we sound amazing. Which is why the Kohler Moxi Showerhead Wireless Speaker was invented.

No longer shall our neighbors wonder whether a cat is being strangled in your bathroom. Gone are the days when we worried about dropping our iPods in the toilet. This is a great gift for anyone who likes a little background music while they wash.

When it comes to interior decorating, we normally expect women and their gay best friends to take care of things. My mother and I are living testaments to the fact that not all gay men and women inherit this gift--I've got pictures of an orange bedroom with green carpets to prove it. It must also be true that not all men shy from putting color on their walls. Especially if that piece of color comes from Woodsnaps: Custom Photos on Wood.

This is a great gift for anyone, especially those of us who struggle to keep our spaces from looking like an ape decided what should go where.




GOD... This can't be. There's no way this is possibly possible, but YES. IT IIIIS. Unfortunately the mall option is sold out, but there are several others including Zombie Battle London ($175), Zombie Manor House ($181), and Zombie Bootcamp ($120). I'll take one of each please. It's $220 to participate in the mall experience, but I, along every other man, woman and child, would be nuts pay that and more to see how I would fair in a zombie apocalypse. Holy frick.

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