At A Boston School Set For Demolition, Workers Find A Century-Old Slice Of History

Sometimes, the past feels impossibly strange and distant from our technology-powered lives. Other times, we find a time capsule from the 1800s in a school that connects us immediately to the people who inhabited the world before us. How cool is that?!

A demolition crew working at an old school near Boston discovered the hidden container beneath a set of stairs, in an area that had apparently been cemented over long ago. After being turned to experts who could work in a climate-controlled room, the time capsule was cracked open to reveal a trove of treasures from 124 years ago. Newspapers, hand-written letters and drawings, military medals, and poems are among the items found in the capsule—a truly amazing discovery.

Local experts will carefully examine each piece of history, relaxing papers that have long been folded and gone yellow and cleaning the items that gathered dust. Then, the items will be put on public display so anyone can come get a taste of the town's history.

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